Old ethnic and tribal jewellery

Old indian gold nose ring

Old indian gold nose ring

Old gold nose ring, From India. It is made with gold, inset with gemstones, natural pearls and a ruby between small filigree gold beads.

Spectacular old nose ring, collector’s item!

Beginning of the XXth Century.

This nose ring measure aprox. 3,6 cm high (1,42 in) and 4,3 cm wide (1,69 in).

It weighs 13 gr. (DIN09)

Himachal Pradesh old silver earrings

Big and old genuine ethnic and tribal earrings from Himachal Pradesh (India), called bali and made with high grade silver.

First half of 20th Century.

Bali is the classical basic form of all ornaments in North India. This type of crescent shaped loop earrings were in use in Asia Minor and the eastern Mediterranean area since about 2.500 BC. During many invasions from the West, Persian and Turkish jewelry habits and designs were assimilated by North India and made the lunate earring prevalent here, worn by Muslims and Hindu alike.

These ethnic earrings are aprox. 85 mm wide and they both weigh 56 gr.

Thickness of the silver wire going through the earlobe hole is 2 mm.