Indian women

Leonor Arnó Pons and Ethnic Adornment

Dealer and collector of old Ethnic and Tribal Jewellery

University degree in Archaeology and Ancient History at Barcelona University (1990)

Leonor started dealing with genuine ethnic and tribal jewellery in the 80’s while working as a manager of a contemporary art gallery in Barcelona (the last 5 years as owner of her own gallery).

After 25 years, she decided to follow full time her interest in all kinds of ethnic and tribal adornment.

Her research started when she began travelling on the 80’s through Asia, Africa and South America, building her own collection. She was from the beginning interested, not only on the beauty of the pieces but also on the anthropological meaning, the social, religious, magic and economic variables surrounding the wide range of body adornment men and women use in different regions of the world.

The last few years, she has lectured about ethnic jewellery from the anthropological and historical point of view.

Leonor Arnó currently deals with collectors all over the world to look for special pieces for their collections. She also advises private collection curators and works as an expert of ethnic jewellery in an auction house in The Netherlands.