Project Description

Gilded silver kirdan necklace, Egypt

A gilded high-grade silver “kirdan” most probably from Egypt. This kind of choker was widespread all over the Ottoman world, from Asia Minor and the Levant to North Africa, especially Libya and Tunisia.

The core element of all of these necklaces is the stitched band to which a variety of pendants is added depending on local fashion and taste.

From the 1st half of XXthh century.


Length (gilded silver): 22 cm (8,66 in).
Total length: 57 cm (22,44 in)
Width (central): 10 cm (3,94 in)
Weight: 53,8 gr


“The Arts and Crafts of Syria”, Johannes Kalter, T&H, London, 1992
“The traditional jewellery of Egypt”, Azza Fahmy, AUC Press, 2015


Price: 200,00 €