Project Description

Old silver necklace “nau gedi”, Nepal

These large silver bead necklaces called  “nau gedi” are worn by western Tamang people north of Trisuli. Usually they have twelve to twenty beads, of a fluted barrel shape and about three centimeters in length. The holes are very large so that the beads may be strung on a knotted rope of black cotton thread or dark wool yarn, like the example shown here. A center pendant is bell-shaped and filled with pitch as are the beads. A spot where the silver has worn off shows how thin the metal is. Red glass beads usually are embedded in the pendants, for a colorful decoration and an extra dose of good luck.

From half 20th century or earlier.

Length of the necklace: 92 cm

Size of the beads: 35 x 25 mm

Total weight: 273 gr


“Jewellery of Nepal”  Gabriel, Hannelore