Project Description

Old Silver tibetan “ga’u” amulet box pendant

Old high grade silver tibetan amulet box pendant called ga’u, with extraordinary filigree work. Topped by a coral bead. The back cover is made of copper.

From the end of XIXth Century.

The charm box pendant called ga’u originated in Tibet. This form of jewellery is in wide use throughout the western and eastern sub-Himalayan area by the tribes who follow Buddhism and others who emulate them, though the local term used to designate it varies with the group.

A small part of silver on this ga’u is missing, see pics. Wonderful worn patina. It has been recently re-strung with two more coral beads and a silver chain, but gaus were commonly strung with beads of coral, amber, turquoise, lapis lazuli and silver, all of them increasing the protective caracter of the ga’u.


Gau: H 80 x W 65 x 14 mm

Coral at the center of pendant: 14 mm (diameter)

Coral beads in chain: 16 mm (diameter)

Lenght of chain (approx): 76 cm (29,92 in)

Weight: 135 gr