Project Description

Persian Koran box, Iran

Old Persian amulet box that holds a small version of the Koran.

The silver boxes were made to hold miniature Qur’ans which contained tiny text on octagonal paper. The small octogonal books were not meant to be read but rather to be held in the box as a sacred object or talisman.

One cilindrical embossed amulet is on each side of the box.

The Koran box was placed on the upper arm as an armlet.

High-grade silver.

From the beginning of the 20th Century or earlier.


The box: 5,5 cm (2,17 in)
Box with the side amulets and lugs: 14 cm (5,51 in)
Length of the strings (each, approx): 24 mm (9,45 in)
Weight: 86 gr



“Bracelets ethniques d’afrique, d’Asie d’Océanie et d’Amérique”, van Cutsem,  Anne, Skira, 2002