Project Description

Persian Koran box, Iran

Old Persian amulet box that usually holds a small version of the Koran on octagonal paper. The small holy books were not meant to be read but rather to be held in the box as a sacred object or talisman.

One cilindrical embossed amulet is on each side of the box.

The Koran box was placed on the upper arm as an armlet.

High-grade silver.

From the beginning of the 20th Century or earlier.


The box: 5,5 cm (2,17 in)
Box with the side amulets and lugs: 14 cm (5,51 in)
Length of the strings (each, approx): 24 mm (9,45 in)
Weight: 86 gr



“Bracelets ethniques d’afrique, d’Asie d’Océanie et d’Amérique”, van Cutsem,  Anne, Skira, 2002