Project Description

Tilhari Silver and glass necklace, Nepal

A large “tilhari” wedding necklace that used to be fashionable among most Middle Hill groups especially the Tamang, Gurung, and Kiranti. Currently, Nepali women from these ethnic groups wear a smaller version in gold, if they can afford it. The tilhari is either strung with dark blue or dark green Indian glass beads.

First half of XXth century. The string is still the original one.

Length: adjustable
length of combine silver beads: 90 mm
Length of glass beads on each side: 26 cm
Weight: 223 gr



“Jewelry of Nepal” Gabriel, Hannelore, Thames & Hudson, London
Colliers ethniques d’Afrique d’Asie, d’Océanie et d’Amérique”, Leurquin, Anne, Skira, 2003

Price: 450,00 €