Project Description

Yafi silver necklace, Yemen

Silver necklace from Yafi district, North of Aden in the Southern part of Yemen. Acording to Marjorie Ransom, the jewellery worn there is made of low-grade silver or nickel, but has strong, distinct designs. The jewellery used in this region was probably made in Aden or al-Bayda.

This example here have tested positive for silver (700-800/1000). All beads are massive and heavy.


Length without strings: 19 cm (7,48 inches)
Width (widest point): 8 cm (3,15 inches)
Weight: 232 gr


“Silver treasures from the land of Sheba”, Ransom. Marjorie, The american university in Cairo Press, 2014


Price: 450,00 €